Win98 Reinstall problems!!

I hope someone can help me!
Previous win98 worked fine for me. Now I have reinstalled win98 and it wouldn't work as it should. Formatting the harddisk and installing win98 works without any visual problems. I can start the computer using default graphic-card(standard vga and 16 colours) but when I'm installing the proper drivers for my graphic card(I've tried an AGP-card and a RIVATNT2-card with the same result!) when the coputer reboots after installation, the screen turns black when win98 boots up, and the computer restarts?? And after that I can only start the computer in safe mode. Is this a BIOS problem, driver problem(I use the same drivers as I used before when it all worked) or what?? I'm out of ideas. So please give me any suggestions what to do!

I'm using an AMDK62-300MHZ, 196M RAM...

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  1. Im goinna take a shot in the dark and say you probably have integrated video on your system. Now if this is the case, best way to do your install - well most surefire way - is to install windows with the integrated video and then in your System properties Disable your video adapter, turn your system off, insert the new card, and if you can disable in BIOS do so as well. Then when you reboot it should work fine. Now...if its NOT an integrated card, you need to give more specifics on the problem so people may nknow what you mean....the more you say, the higher the chance that someone will recognize the problem. :)
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