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I have a msi-gx680 laptop , I used my Recovery DVDs (which I had created mine by MSI RECOVERY software on my laptop) to restore my C drive to manufacture settings. When I insert the first DVD, recovery process would start but it goes half of the way and finishes, showing (Successfully Recovery!) but it doesn't need the second or third DVD, and when I restart my laptop the phrase "Missing Operating System" would appear.
what should I DO ?????
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  1. It would appear that your Recovery disks are corrupt. Most laptops have a feature whereby a partiion on the HDD is used to restore to Factory settings, but I can't find any reference to it in the online manual. Leaves 2 choices
    1. Contact MSI for a recovery disk
    2 On another machine download a Win 7 Installation iso and burn it to a DVD. Install a fresh version of Windows and download drivers from here
    Windows from here
    There should be a COA sticker on the base of the laptop with the key to activate Windows
  2. you know,my DVDs are OK BECAUSE I have used them a few months ago and recovered my laptop to first settings easily but I used (Recover whole hard disk to remove everything on my HDD), there were three choices <recover whole hard disk-recover drive c-do nothing> BUT this time I just want to recover my C drive to early settings, Because I have very important data on other partitions BUT THE FIRST ONE DOESN'T WORK !
    Besides I have WIN7 activated DVD but I can't install it on my partitions !!!
    I mean it does not locate on any of my partitions (C,D,E) !
  3. '
    'Besides I have WIN7 activated DVD but I can't install it on my partitions !!!
    I mean it does not locate on any of my partitions (C,D,E) ! '
    By this I take it you mean you have a Win 7 Installation disk and you want to re-install Windows on 'C' partition?
    When you arrive at the screen 'Where do you want to Install Windows?' choose 'Drive Options(Advanced)' Here you should be able to see all your partitions, choose 'C' and format.
    This should then enable you to perform a clean install on Drive 'C'
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