Computer reboots after logo loads from playing witcher 2

I had a few firefox windows open and clicked start game for witcher 2 and the computer froze so i restarted it and it bluescreened and rebooted. Now it just goes on a constant loop.

I tried to enter safe mode but it either bluescreens or reboots.
I pulled my computer apart and cleaned everything and reseated it, ran memtest and ran seagate hdd test and
received no errors.

I booted hirens and ran a virus scan and it picked up a few things i removed them but that hasnt fixed the issue.

I was able to select dont reboot on system failure and got this info from the bsod

stop: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003,0xFFFFFA8009208B30,
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  1. that error code usually means you have defective hardware. you can try a fresh install of windows to rule out software issue but if the fresh install of windows fails then you will need to start swapping components like ram, hd, mb, etc.
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