My Windows is not working after an accidental shutdown during updating.

While my computer was updating, I went to reset the plug my router was in and forgot my computer had been updating. Now the computer comes up with a repair option that leads to some loading bars at the bottom followed by a blank screen, or a start windows normally option where it is stuck at the starting windows screen. I've tried using my windows repair disc but after trying the restore, the safe mode, and a few other options, they all lead to either a blank screen or the starting windows screen as well. I'm running a windows7 home premium 64-bit OS that I bought to upgrade from vista but I can't find the CD and don't really have the money to buy another OS or get it repaired unless I have too. My computer is the Gateway LX6810.
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  1. If you have access to another machine try burning an installation disk with an iso from here

    Hopefully your licence key will be accepted when you activate Windows, if not try the telephone option and explain.
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