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Mid Range Video Card

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
April 1, 2003 4:47:03 PM


I need to get a video card for a new computer I'm building. I'm not an avid gamer, but when I do want to enjoy a new game, I don't want to be dissappointed. I do do a lot of 2D work in Photoshop, I would like something that is good for it. At first, I was thinkng about an ATI 9000Pro, but I fear it may not be good enough for games. I was then thinking about a Geforce 4 Ti-4200...the price is just a little high (but i might end up getting it anyways). What else should I consider? A Radeon 9700 is too expensive for me right now, and I don't know if I need that kind of power in my graphics card (as I said, I dn't play that many games).

At the same time, I'd like to get a PCI TVtuner with PVR so I can record and watch some TV. Any recommendations on that?

My mobo is an Asus a7n8x deluxe, with an amd xp 2200+, and 1gb DDR 400.

Thanks in advance! Take care

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April 4, 2003 4:14:04 AM

I'd say ti4200 (64) or 9000 pro, just depending on how much you want to spend. either are a decent 3D card, and mor than adequate for 2D. It all comes down to the money.

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April 17, 2003 6:35:44 AM

No its not. Its considered higher end but not the highest.

If its not broken, you're not trying hard enough.
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April 18, 2003 5:55:31 PM

And who defines 'higher but not highest'? The 9500 IS considered ATI's mid-range AGP card. If you include the PCI's you MIGHT be able to make an argument for the 9100/9200 being midrange, but in ATI's mind they are the 'value' cards, antyhing lower is integrated or discontinued.

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April 18, 2003 11:58:30 PM

I had a friend of mine the other day get a Gainward GF3 TI-450/128Mb DDR RAM, for like $95.99 US, from <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>, I installed it for him and got a little jealous, it seemed to outperform my GF4 TI=4400.

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April 20, 2003 6:52:17 AM

go with 9500, IMO u cant go wrong

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