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Ok, i'm extremely torn here. I could go and spend the ~$350 on Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 THX speakers, or i could downgrade and go with the Creative Labs Inspire 6600 6.1 (~$100). i'm not picky with precise sound, and i don't watch DVDs on a computer (i mainly game some and then game a whole lot more). Any recommendations? $250 savings is nothing to shake a stick at.

i'm probably going to use the nForce2 integrated sound in an ASUS motherboard, so i wasn't planning on picking up the Audigy 2 sound card, if that makes any difference.

Please help - offer other choices too if anyone has them.
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  1. hmmm, well I would probably go with the Klipsch if I had the money to spend, though you could also grab an Audigy card and the Sound Blaster speakers, heh. Have you taken a look at the Logitech 6.1 channel speakers? they're pretty good (model# Z640)... I've tried those, but ended-up settling on the lower model (Z540's) because I didn't have the money to spend, and the Z560's are a nice 400W 4.1 system as well. Now their top model is the Z680, but I think those are too expensive (~$400 MSRP) as you could pick up a nice set of Harman Kardon (the BEST of the best in my opinion), so check 'em out too if you like.

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  2. My most immediate thought is to just repeat what you wrote :

    "not picky with precise sound"
    "don't watch DVDs on a computer"
    "integrated sound in an ASUS motherboard"

    Althought the Klipsh setup may be nice I really dont think you are going to get an extra $250 worth of enjoyment out of them in your usage. Perhaps if you used your PC as a high quality stereo system or were producing your own music but really if all you are doing is playing games I dont think it will make that much difference which speakers you use.
  3. If you aren't necessarily looking for the worlds best sound, I'd suggest you just head off the the computer store and listen to the various speakers on display and make your decision from there... You might be surprised how little you end up spending to meet your needs.

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  4. I recently had the same decision. The Promedia speakers sound very good. I did read that they have RMA issues with their AMP. From what I read, this can affect as many as 3 in 20 consumers. This made me a little hesitant.

    I ended up buying the Creative Megaworks THX 6.1 system, and I think I made the right choice. They sound awesome, and they are 6.1 surround, which is cool in that ultra-geek way. I'm not an audiophile, but I can't tell any difference in sound between them and the Promedia speakers. They both sound MUCH better than the Altec Lansing 4100 4.1 set I had.

    Anyway, I doubt you're going to be disappointed either way. If you were thinking of spending $350, go with either the Promedia or the Megaworks. I would shy away from the Inspire system. Those are budget, and personally, I think they sound tinny.

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  5. Definitely going to agree with Teq on this one. Most computer stores, or BestBuy, whatever, have sections where you can listen to a number of speaker sets. Best way to find out which kind you like best. Can save you from spending too much, for sure.

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  6. If you're looking for best price/performance, go with the Logitech z-640 5.` They sound awesome, and last time I checked were for 60 or so on newegg.com

    There was a $20 rebate offer, not sure if it's still going on or not

    It's all good ^_^
  7. And sould you eventually desire really good sound, then consider a proper HIFI unit for better quality.

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  8. Instead of buying these expensive speakers,, dont you guys think its a better idea to get a home theater package for the same price... I'am sure the speakers will sound much better then eny Klipsch or Creative computer speakers...

    See for yourself next time you are in a store..
  9. yerp. thats what i did. SBlive -> hifi :smile:
    goooood tunes.

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  10. lhgpoobaa wha did u buy for your set up. I.e. home theater speaker set, reveiver?

    This might be a dumb question, but what is mean by HiFi?
  11. dont u know hifi? HIFI. Or High fidelity i think it originally stood for.
    Stand alone cdplayer/tapedeck with speakers.

    I got a sony G77 3 cd changer system... and the 3 cone speakers put out VERY nice sound thought the range, 75W RMS per speaker. And even though it doesnt have a seperate subwoofer i can still make the windows buzz with the bass boost turned on.

    Taking a look at the speakers the large cones are 5" in diameter, so can stil do serious bass sounds.
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  12. I too am looking for a new set of speakers for my PC.
    Well I already have a home theater package in my room but that's connected to my tv and I wouldn't want to rearrange everything over and over just so I can have that sound on my pc. So I'm looking for just some regular PC speakers.

    Any suggestions on what company makes the best speakers designed for computers?
    Harmon Kardon, Klipsch, Monsoon, Altec Lansing, Logitech, Creative? That's all I can think of but I'm sure there are a ton more of companys out there.
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