ATi TV-Wonder PCI + GeForce3 Ti200 = BSOD

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem; I have th eGeForce3 Ti200, new drivers, an MSI KT7R 266 mobo, AMD Atthlon 1.4, 512, nic, soundblaster live... no matter what I do, whenever I try to use the TV tuner (tried MMC7.0 and 7.6, it'll freeze up causing me to hardboot the comp. Sometimes, it gives me a flagrant system error saying my c:\windows\system32\config\system file is corrupt or missing. I'm not smart enough to repair/replace it... I wish I was. since I was down, I went nad grabbed a copy of XP Pro to see if drivers would be supported better (I was using 2kpro)... alas, same thing. I type from my mac while reinstalling windows for the third time in 2 weeks. :(

should I get a new vid card... like an ATi? Is it the mobo? latest drivers for everythign, I swear... Is it my PSU? I think I'm running a 350w, but it could be a 300... :S it's about 2.5 yrs old...


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  1. Hi there, I am new here so please bear with me.

    I also have an ATI Tv Wonder card. And for the longest time, I have found mine to freeze as well. I have come to the following conclusion. Whether it works for you is something I cannot predict but it works for me...

    ...What I did to get mine working was I DID NOT install any of ATI's drivers or software other than the Multimedia Center. That means that I used the driver the Windows XP cd installs by default with a clean install. To get drivers for the TV Card, I just hit and downloaded them. The drivers were called something different, not sure what but they are there.

    The downside? You cannot install newer drivers of your TV Card or Video Card. I tried installing newer drivers and it started freezing again. The drivers for my video card are the Microsoft drivers from 2001. I have an ATI Radeon 7000, but it doesn't fix the problem. Only installing drivers that are compatible with one another will, and to my knowledge you can only get that on Windows Update.
    And btw, don't update your video card drivers from Windows Update or it will start freezing again. I tried that yesterday with terrible luck. Only download TV Wonder drivers from Windows Update.

    I hope that helps, just browsing through.
  2. My tv wonder ve bsod's my XP machine only, to no avail....

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  3. Hey Gen. how old was your TV wonder, the older model were/are not XP compatible, a friend of mine had one, and he wrote ATI, and they said sorry the older models do not work and they are not supported as they are legacy products. That's the person I sold my OLD RageFury with VIVO to because of THAT specific problem. Ati said that the older cards were so different as to not warrant inclusion in XP support.
    I found that the older cards are really iffy also when running with some other card in the system. Even my baby AIW PCI becomes a worthless 16mb card when I put something in the AGP slot, because ATI disables the video in/out if the PCI is not the primary card, and that causes all kind of troubles if you then switch back/forth for gaming. I hated it. I'm going to get a newer version of TV wonder or a Hauppauge card once the 9600 is in place and running stable.

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