Dell Inspiron 2200 Memory

I installed a Memory card and my laptop still runs slow. Is there anything I can do to speed up laptop> I was told to buy a memory with more RAM and I did but did not get better speed.
Any suggestions?
Thank you
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  1. ram and memory cards are two different things. memory cards are removable disks for different devices and look something like this:
    laptop ram looks like this:
    laptop ram has to be compatible with the pc otherwise it won't work. what exactly did you buy and can you provide more info such as laptop model, the exact description/weblink to whatever you bought.
    additionally, after having certain amount of ram, the pc's performance/responsiveness doesn go up as the softwares don't take advantage of extra system memory(ram). other factors also play roles, such as your laptop's processor, hard disk/ssd etc.
    crucial's memory advisor says this:
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