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Problem with network adapter or access point

February 8, 2013 4:03:30 AM

Hello :) 

I am using an ASUS U6E laptop and I am trying to connect to one of our wireless routers. The routers are both ESR6650's - engenius. 1 has a security key and 1 uses Mac Address security. The Laptop connects to the one which uses a security key no problem however, when we try to connect to the other one it won't connect and comes up with problem with network adapter or access point. We have tried turning off the firewalls / disabling the mini autoports and even adding the MAC address of the router when configuring the Network adapter card. Nothing seems to work. One network is for work and one is for guests, the work one uses Mac address filtering and nobody else is having a problem at all.
OS is Windows 7 Home.
The only other weird thing that happens is that a program called Intel MyWifi technology pops up every now and again but if it can connect to one network then why not another? It must be the MAC address issue.
We'd really appreciate your help on this.
Thanks in advance