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I want to disconnect one of my HD, but if I do so Win7 does not boot anymore (what the hell??). Apparently he needs some boot file which lives on the HD I need to remove.

So how to make Win7 able to boot without the presence of another HD where he does not live anyway ? That is, how to make Win7 "autonomous" on its own HD ?
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  1. Try removing the hard drive. Then use the windows 7 repair tools (f8 on startup), to repair the boot files, or do an installation repair.
  2. Why should I "repair" anything if nothing is broken ? Is there any faster and more logical way ?
  3. no because 7 makes a like 100mb partition and it looks like it found a nice home on that hard drive
  4. The 'repair' is to replace your system files, which includes your boot files.
  5. All right them, I'm gonna try that.

    But in my opinion, that Win7 puts essential stuff in other HDs is like a company which builds a brand new house and puts the circuit inside a neighbour house : totally nonsensical. Am I wrong ?
  6. Did you install windows 7 on a secondary drive?
  7. I installed it on a SATA actually. But now it works so that's fine. Thanks!
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