computer randomly shutting down

i asked this question before but i still need help and i dont know whats wrong.
first of all, my computer:
athlon 2700+
asus a7n8x mobo
maxtor 80gb 7200 hard drive
512mb pc 2700 ram
mitsumi 54x cd-rom
coolermaster hac-v81 cpu fan
antec true 480w power supply
geForce4 Ti4200-8x 128mb video card

when i change my cpu from 133mhz to 166mhz in the bios, this is when the problem seems to happen. when its running at 133, the processor shows as athlon 2100, when i change it to 166, it shows as athlon 2700. why would the computer randomly be shutting down when i have it running at the athlon 2700 speed. the temperature seems to be fine, about 40 celcius for cpu and 35 for mobo.someone mentioned before maybe it had to do with the voltages but i am pretty sure they are fine too. 480 watts should definitley be enough shouldnt it?
any suggestions on what the problem might be?
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  1. hmmm... what type of ram do you have exactly?

    One thing you can do is download and run MEMTEST86, then check your ram while its running at 166mhz... see if its the source of problems. 1 run takes around 30mins.

    Low quality ram can have issues with hard memory timings. At the very least it will rule out one possibility.

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  2. If you are running WinXP, turn the Auto Reboot option off so you can see the error.

    It probably is not a power issue.

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