AMD AHCI compatible RAID controller driver

I have a W7 64 bit machine and I am trying to update the RAID controller driver without success.

I am blocked by W7 from updating the driver and get the "Windows has determined that the best driver is already installed" message.

I have tried to work around that and have been unsuccessful.

Ultimately I am trying to enable a program "Hard Disk Sentinel" to view and display hard disk SMART info. Unfortunately the RAID driver controlling the HDD's on my PC have a date signature of 2009 and need to be updated to take advantage of SMART information technology.

I have surfed AMD until I'm blind and cant find anything to help.

Any ideas?
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  1. Get it from your motherboard makers website.
  2. what is your motherboard and how old it is?

    you may have the latest driver available . .
  3. The good people from Hard Disk Sentinel found it for me:

    Its working now as it should.

    Thanks for taking the time to post, I appreciate it.
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