Does S-Video make a Big difference?

Hey all I just got the 9700 AIW (could not resist :P). Everything is SUPER, install was clean and lucky for me no troubles really; I read the follow ati guildlines and updated all possible drivers. Anyways when I go and test out my ps2 on my video in, the way it looked was not really up to my liking. I adjusted the color, contrast, gamma, etc and still not to my liking. Then I read that s-video would help me in this area. Currently I am using the RCA plugs and was wondering if anyone has used the s-video for their ps2 on the comp to make it look better? Thanks for any info and help.
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  1. I have a Leadtech WinTV2000, I didn't have s-video for PS2.
    But as for NGC, there is a differance between regular video-in
    and S-video, S-video have smoother pictures. not by much but
    it is better.

    BTW, because of the resolution limitation for TVs, PS2 and GC
    games are designed that way. When playing console games on
    higher resolution monitors, 'Not so great' picture quality
    is understandable

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  2. So you go for AIW 9700 eh. I've tried my PS2 using S-Video and guess what? The picture is great only if you are running in Window mode (720x576) which I assume none of us could bear with the tiny screen. In full screen mode you'll notice the scanlines, so it is basically the same as RCA composite, so you don't need to get the expensive PS2 S-Video cable, it's not worth it.

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  3. DOH! Oh well got the 9800 anyways cause I have been hearing the same thing about s-video not totally fixing the problem. Thanks.
  4. In my limited experience, yes. I've never run a system on both RCA and S-Video for direct comparison. I have a friend who has a better graphics card than myself, but I have a much much better picture quality with my s-video vs his rca. There really is no comparison; with text his is barely legible mine is passable.

    If you upgrade your television, definitely consider an HDTV. They're just a little bit more than a standard television, but my understanding is text quality is about 4X better than S-Video. Be careful, with the 9700 Pro AIW; you need a newer model HDTV due to changes in standards.

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  5. not a big difference but worth it...

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