Windows 7 will not detect wireless adapter

Hello, I have now been trying to get a wireless adapter to work on my computer for a couple of days now. I ordered a refurbished Cisco AE2500 and tried for hours to get it to work to no avail. I can't quite rember everything I tried to get it to work, but I will try. When I try to install from the installation CD it will not detect the adapter. I tried to download the drivers from the internet, but windows did not recognize them. I tried to update the drivers through device manage and windows update and that did not work. I updated all motherboard drivers and BIOS. I tried unplugging the power from the wall. I tried resetting the BIOS. After all of that, I decided that the adapter must not work.
Today I went to Staples and bought a NETGEAR G54/N150 USB Micro Adapter. I ran the setup CD, put the adapter in and it detected. It would not connect to the router for some reason, and I thought it may have been because I set it to use the push to connect feature and the router did not have that feature, so, I uninstalled the software and tried to reinstall using just the stand alone windows driver and now my computer won't even detect it. I went through most of the things I went through with the first router again and nothing has worked.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Windows 7 x64
Mobo: Asus Maximus IV/Gen 3
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  1. try going to start > control panel > uninstall application

    make sure that you don't see any third party wireless app. still there - if it is, then it doesn't sound like it uninstalled correctly. also try testing it on different usb ports just to be safe. if you're still having no luck, I'd check the registry and see if you can remove the registry key that the software created. after you've removed it, reboot and try installing the driver once more.

    good luck buddy
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