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Windows 7 purchase question

I put on my newegg wishlist the 64 bit OEM windows 7 and it is 99 bucks.

It seems when doing a general search that I am finding it cheaper other places.

What would you guys recommend for purchasing it? It will be for home use only, and I am building my own PC.

I won't be doing any technical networking (besides hooking up a basic linksys wireless router) or doing anything other than gaming. Is this the version I should be going after, or should I try to find a much cheaper version. I see versions with "branded" on it and it is like it chops off a good amount of money, but in the overall scheme, I'm not knowledgeable enough to know if this will be a bad choice for me or not. I do know that I won't be installing it on other machines though, of course I would like that option, but the OEM version won't let you, and I don't want to go above 100 bucks at all.

Computer specs will be:

8gb RAM
I5 2500k CPU
Radeon 7850
Z77 3.3 mobo
500gb HD
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  1. a link to the other places will be helpful

    That's the basic google search with multiple sites shown, and the branded I was referring to. The link is jacking up due to a : e in the link, and putting url tags isn't helping.

    Here is a link to one site in particular though. 68 bucks at each of these sites. Just not sure what is the huge difference in these vs the one I am looking at.

    and another

    32 bucks is a lot in my world, lol.
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    The 2nd link indicates a "Full" at $169 on sale for $67 - BS, it is still an OEM version that retails for $100.

    These are OEM versions, tied to specific Computer manuf. Reading the comments. they Look like they are just a plain OEM stuck in a specific computer Brand jacket.
    Most OEM copies (But Not all) tied to a "brand" may refuse to install on a Computer that the MB is NOT of that brand.

    Legally, they are meant to be installed ONLY in that Brand of Computer.
    With the OEM version @ newegg, YOU are classed as the Manuf and thus the OEM version is Leagally vailed for what ever computer you build and ONLY becomes tied to the "first" Computer that it is installed on.

    Your Choice, Myself I'd bite the Builet and pay the extra.
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  5. Sounds good, thanks for the reply! Just what kind of straight answer I was looking for.
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