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hey, i just bought a 2 maxtor 80gb HDs. My question for you all is about the jumper settings. I am a noob, so i'm hoping this will be a simple question for some of you. OK... i know that if i want to have 2 HDs that one needs to be set as "master" and that the other needs to be set as "slave" - no biggie. My question is that my jumper settings on my 2 HDs are pre-set to "CS (cable select) Enabled" I am not sure what that is and would like to know. I want to know if i should format both the HDs with that jumper setting (CS Enabled) and then after both HDs are formatted i shutdown the comp and then move the jumper for one of the HDs over to "master" and move the jumper for the other one over to "slave", or should i (after i finish reformating both HDs) keep one HD jumper cable on "CS Enabled" and change the other to "Slave"??? That is my question, i'm sorry if it isn't very clear. Also, when you have a master drive and a slave drive do you use 1 IDE cable for the both of them, or do you use 2 IDE cables (1 IDE cable for each)?? Any help or info at all would be of great help. Thanks much!!
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  1. Cable select jumper setting means which connector on the IDE cable a device is attached to determines which device is master and which is slave. On the other hand, master jumper means the device will be master regardless of which connector on the cable it is attached to.

    Once you've set the jumpers of the HDs, don't change them. or you'll confuse the system.
  2. It is always better to use Master / Slave setiings rather than cable select. For the best performance, use 1 cable for each drive and plug each drive in to a seperate IDE port on your motherboard (both drives as a master). Don't forget to use 80pin UATA133 cables though - normally only of 1 of these comes with each motherboard unless you buy a RAID model.

    Clearly the master drive on the primary IDE port is the one that you will boot from. After that you can put the other drive wherever you like. So if you put the other drive on the same cable then it will run as the primary slave. If you give each drive its own cable then 1 will be the Primary Master (boot drive) and the other will be the secondary master. Remember to go in to the bios to check if you have plugged everything in OK and they are detected.

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  3. WOW, thank you very much, you basically answered all of my questions, except now i have 1 small question: which is easier to deal with... 2 cables for the 2 HDs, or 1 cable for both of them? you have been extremely helpful thanks you very much.
  4. you get a lot better transfer rates between the 2 HD's if you have them on separate channels. Basically you configure your channels so that the two devices you use simultaneously the most are on different channels.

    On an IDE channel it can only read or write at a single time so if both hard drives are on the same channel and you are copying information between the two it will be very inefficient.

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