Is it possible to find a Hercules ProphetView 920?

Is it possible to find a Hercules ProphetView 920 Pro DVI in the states anymore. I do gaming and all the articles on flatpanels say that one is the best, but I can't find anyone who sells them. If they aren't available, the articles say HyDis panels are very good, is their a comperable flatpanel that uses the HyDis stuff?
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  1. That's a 15 incher 720 not 920.
    It is interesting however that the 720 is going to be in stock soon considering Hercules announcement a few months back that they were not going to manufacture anymore monitors.
    The 920 at Amazon is out of stock which is a shame as it is by far the best looking 17" monitor there is.
  2. I wouldn't hold my breath. The monitor never really was available in any substantial numbers. I tried very hard to acquire this monitor a little ways back. It's not worth it. Amazon is basically jerking your chain. You'd have to wait up to 2 months for them to ship it and anyone else that says they have it are flat out liars. There are monitors that share the same panel and probably some with better.

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  3. Do you know any monitors that use the same panel?
  4. Very true about Amazon. I originally ordered through them, but cancelled the order and purchased locally instead.
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