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Help ! Cant get e-mail hotsync on Palm T3

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June 22, 2004 9:53:46 PM

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Hi all,

I made the recent acquisition of a Palm Tungsten T3 which I'm trying
to configure to synchronise with my Windows2000 laptop data. I am
however unsuccessful in synchronising my e-mail accounts.

(1) Microsoft Outlook
I have a local Microsoft Outlook 2000 (for Exchange) installation and
when setting up the synch, it works fine for the Outlook Calendar and
the Outlook Contacts which get nicely replicated on the Palm.
However nothing happens for my Inbox and I don't know how to make it

(2) POP accounts
I have set-up oin the Palm two VersaMail accounts working to fetch
e-mails straight from the POPs, but to be synchronised only at
HotSync. Even though everything seems correct from a username,
e-mail, POP, SMTP, password etc (and the HotSync log just says
VersaMail sync goes OK)... no mail is ever downloaded (not even new
ones), while Outlook Express on my laptop with succeeds in d/l these
without any problem for these same settings. When HotSync takes
place, I can see the animated dialog box for VersaMail on the laptop
and the network traffic icons blinking in the system tray -- but I
haven't any detailed trace of what happens actually -- does such a
feature exist in the HotSync manager ?

Any idea how to help me out of this incredible situation please ?

Thanks by advance !


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June 23, 2004 3:52:56 PM

Archived from groups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot (More info?)

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your support. The same problem (no e-mail synch with
outlook) occurs whether Outlook is running or not on the laptop. It
happened a couple of times that if the HotSync was started when
Outlook was not running that a I received a "server busy" warning
message but when clicking "Retry" button made things move on (without
any change of outcomes to the sync process). Is that significant ? --
doesn't seem to me as this sometimes also happens when the Outlook
Client tries to locate the Exchange server on the LAN.

No I do indeed NEVER receive that message to authorise access to
outlook for X minutes ! But, as I stated, many *other* Outlook
components are being successfully synchronised... just not the Inbox !

You mentioned me checking the VersaMail settings: well that is another
area of confusion to me : when configuring an e-mail CLIENT it
requires either a POP or an IMAP selection while I believe none of the
two applies, right ? I am indeed synchronizing with the local copy of
my outlook mail folders, not straight with the Exchange server ?

To comment on your last note:
> Oh and another thing I have seen with Outlook is that if the sync doesn't go
> properly then subsequent synchs seem to think the existing data has already
> been synch'd.
what am I supposed to do to try to correct this ? Is there any
"reinstallation" capability ? On which side : PC or Palm ?

Thanks for your insights and further support !


PS: Here is the HotSync Log for possible analysis. As you'll notice,
it walks through various Outlook components but does NOT mention any
"Inbox" thing.

----------<Start HotSync Log>----------
HotSync operation started 06/23/04 20:32:59
Outlook Calendar
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Calendar
Outlook Contacts
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Contacts
Outlook Tasks
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Tasks
Outlook Notes
- Fast Sync
OK Outlook Notes
Outlook Date Book
- Do Nothing
OK Outlook Date Book
Outlook Address Book
- Do Nothing
OK Outlook Address Book
Outlook To Do List
- Do Nothing
OK Outlook To Do List
Outlook Memo Pad
- Do Nothing
OK Outlook Memo Pad
OK Expense
OK Note Pad
OK Voice Memo
OK VersaMail
OK Documents To Go
OK Adobe Reader
OK Photos
-- Backing up db Bluetooth Trusted Devices to file C:\Program
-- Backing up db Bluetooth Device Cache to file C:\Program
-- Backing up db MMIDCache0 to file C:\Program
-- Backing up db psysLaunchDB to file C:\Program
-- Backing up db Saved Preferences to file C:\Program
OK System
HotSync operation complete 23/06/2004 20:34:25
----------<End HotSync Log>----------

"Tony Clark" <> wrote in message news:<cT7Cc.14811$>...
> When you run the synch is Outlook open? Also, do you see the message that an
> application is trying to access Outlook and the option to allow access for X
> minutes? If not then the sync is never trying to access Outlook so you may
> want to check your HotSync settings. You'll want to take a look at the Versa
> Mail settings.
> Oh and another thing I have seen with Outlook is that if the sync doesn't go
> properly then subsequent synchs seem to think the existing data has already
> been synch'd.
> Hope this helps
> TC