Windows 7 upgrade kit from Sony, Hasn't been installed, but am able to use it wi

Hey guys,

I recently bought 3 Sony Vaio for the family members , two were eligible to upgrade to Windows 7, another one wasn't, as it was an older season one (by one season).

I received the 2 free win 7 upgrade kits and I intend to use one of them with the older season Vaio.

The kit hasn'e been install in any laptop yet.

The questions are

1) Will I able to install it on the older season Vaio as the upgrade kit was purchased under the newer one's OEM key. Does it make any difference? The Vista OEM key and Windows 7 key doesn't match or related...

2) Say if i can't install it, therefore I need to install the 2 upgrade kits into the 2 newer season Vaio, how do i know which disc is for which.....they both look the same to me, only thing different is the key.

Thank you in advance for any constructive answer
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  1. You should be able to install them on any of the laptops you wish. It doesn't matter which disk goes to which PC as they're not tied to a specific key. Heck, you could probably use one of them to upgrade Vista installed on a desktop or any other laptop you have. They may be tied to a Sony BIOS, but it's highly unlikely. They're definitely not tied to any license key so you should have no issues doing what you want to do.
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