No drivers found windows 7 installation

how can i get windows 7 to install it keeps saying no driver found. help please
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  1. What MB ??
    Is Hard drive a SSD, or a HDD?
    What is the Bios set to - IDE, AHCI (prefered), or sata / said raid??

    If the installation is bombing out as it needs drivers for the HDD, most probable cause is BIOS setting.
    For IDE and AHCI, windows 7 HAS default drivers. If Bios set to SATA/Raid, then you will probably need to:
    .. For Intel based Chipset and newer MBs. Down load and put on thumb drive the Intel driver. Select custom instal and check box for additional drivers. Windows will ask where are the drivers, just broose to thumbdrive. Note Thumbdrive should be formated Fat32.

    Best option is to go into Bios and set to AHCI. For SSD with windows 7 bios should be set to AHCI to allow the TRIM cmd to pass to the SSD
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