I am currently facing a dilema. I don't know if I should buy a CRT or a LCD monitor. I have been an extensive user of CRTs and not so with LCD, so I know the picture results that I can get from a CRT. I have seen working LCDs but I can't make my own judgment due to lack of experience with LCDs. The only reason for buying a LCD monitor, would be to decrease enormously the radiation. I would like to know the cons. of the LCD monitor. Many thanks!
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  1. there is no such thing as "enormously the radiation", if it were, the moniters would not be allowed to be on the store shelves.

    One thing that you have to decide: it if you will be changing resolitions on the monitor. If you will, there is no question, get CRT, otherwize LCD is fine, but it is only 16bit coler (just to remind you).

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  2. I'm fairly sure that the only pro to getting a LCD is the size, space, and weight advantages.

    Everything else is pretty much a con.

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  3. Also, no refresh probs. Basically, it boils down to this: if you play a lot of games; don't buy and LCD, they have ghosting problems with high-speed games. And the radiation issue... I don't think that's a huge problem.

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  4. Radiation is not a problem. It's mostly heat that comes out of these CRTs. The rest is no more dangerous than your everyday appliances and gadgets.

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  5. Many thanks to all you... you've helped me out... I'll be buying with the money, previously thought for the LCD, two Viewsonic P95f+ monitors :D
  6. I recently changed my main display from a Sony 19" trinitron to a Sony 20.1" LCD, and to me the biggest advantages of the LCD are:

    The display is a lot sharper (text and small graphic details no longer looks fuzzy).

    The LCD has none of the subtle (sometimes not-so-subtle) variations in display quality/focus/geometry that CRT's have on different parts of the screen.

    Much less heat (though still some) gets radiated from the LCD.

    The LCD doesn't present a tempting surface for a cat to jump onto and park on (related to above).

    For the work I do (audio production) the LCD is a lot more pleasent to look at, I'd hate to go back to a CRT.
  7. I thought about going LCD, but hell this old 21" clunker I got still gives a better picture than most on the market, and it's seriously old. Good ole SuperMatch 21 Macintosh monitor.......
    Only drawback is its HUGE and weighs 500 pounds, but it was free cause we were tossing a bunch of old comps and parts, and the company I worked for at the time was a distributor for those monitors so there was a ton left over.
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