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I trying to choose the hardware for a new PC I may be able to buy next month. Since I don´t know where to post it, I´m posting my thoughs here, and since I work with 3D animations and film-making I need to know what you guys think about the hardware I may choose. If there´s some bad hardware or any better one, pls tell me.

Case: Thermaltake Xaser III Super Tower
Power suply: Thermaltake Xaser Silent Purepower 480W
Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Deluxe
CPU: AMD Athlon XP 3000+
Cooling: Thermaltake Aquarius II Liquid Cooling system
Memory: Corsair TWINX1024-3200LL + Corsair CMX512-3200LL
Video: 3DLabs Wildcat VP990 Pro
Digital Video: Matrox DigiSuite MAX
Monitor: 2 Sony PREMIERPRO 23 Wide Flat Panel LCD
Storage: 4 Maxtor MaXLine Plus II
Audio: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX
Speaker: Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1
Keyboard and Mouse: Logitech Cordless Elite Duo

thanks a lot.
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  1. Might not want to waste money on the sound card if you're getting that MB.

    War Eagle
  2. Great hardware. I perfer Microsoft keyboard and mouse because it has better driver.
  3. well, the sound card I choose just because the mobo I want is a dual one, but not the ones that are already avaliable...
    Maybe the one with the NForce2 chipset...
  4. Before you finalize your decision on the A7N8X motherboard do a forum search for the model number... read a bunch of the messages... note that these people are <i>not</i> bragging...

    Your system sounds pretty good... but I would suggest you pick a different motherboard.

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  5. I'd also think twice about that watercooling kit - just like Teq said about the A7N8X, search the board for the AquariusII kit and you'll see, its nothing special and IMHO not worth it... check-out some reviews on it and you'll see what I mean. And for about the same price you can get a kit that will be A LOT better - Eheim 1046pump = $60, Maze3 waterblock = $40, Black Ice Extreme radiator = $60, 1 x 120mm fan (i would go Panaflo) = $14, TOTAL price = $174... see my point, the Aquarius II is being sold for what, like $140 now..? Otherwise, nice set-up.. just wondering about the Thermaltake case - its a modded "X-pider" by the way, but I hope you're not getting it for its fan capacity because you ARE watercooling afterall - now if you like the way it looks (which I do) then cool.

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  6. can you elaborate on what programs you'll be using?

    Hilbert space is a big place.
  7. All i can say is i am extremely jealous of you^^

    anyways................ you should think about ANTEC or ENERMAX Power Supplies cause they have a greater reputation i donno about THERMALTAKE otherwise it looks find

    one more thing what's the price of this ultra PC jsut curious^^
  8. Im using Softimage XSI.

    the price of this PC is about 10.000 to 15.000, dont know exactly... I still have to found some store that sells everything I want
  9. I respect the setup, and I say go for it.

    I wish I had 10,000 to spend on a computer. Hell, I wish I had 500, period...

    Good luck on your beast, and Go AMD

    It's all good ^_^
  10. !_! o_O" 10000-15000!! if i had that much money to blow on a computer system that would be the day of world peace^^

    go for it and have fun^^
  11. i suggest getting a non deluxe board if you are getting the audigy 2, thats what i have and im perfectly happy withthe combo. Since the sound card allready has firewire the only thing that you are missing with the non deluxe board is sata and a second network port.

    Also, alot of people balk at the audigy2 and claim that nvidias sound solution is superior. Generally these users could not afford the addon card and downplay this card out of pride of ownership. Personally, i am into sound editing/recording/sequencing and to me 24bit recording is indispensable, so is the record noise levels and the external connections. You will be satisfied with the onboared audio if you are a gamer, but it cannot touch the versatility of the audigy2.

    Also its my opinion that getting sata today is pointless since there are very few sata drives available and it offers absolutely no performance benefits. I can always buy a superior sata raid card further down the line.
    overall its a nice package and im sure you will be very happy with it.

    So my only suggestion is getting the none deluxe if you are combining it with the audigy2 since it doesnt make sense to pay for the extra functionality when you wont really use it.

    Saphire 9700pro (400gpu/333mem)
    Asus A7N8X ND + XP 2700(192fsb x 12 @ 1.775v)
    Corsair PC 3500 512 @ 5-3-3-2T :(
    Audigy 2, WD-SE 80GIG
  12. Ha, 10.000 to 15.000, that's like 3 meals at McDonalds :D j/k

    Seriously if you are working with 3D animations and film and stuff wouldn't you be better off with a Mac? I mean I know PCs are surpassing Mac even in those categories but there are still better softwares for Mac than PC. For example Final Cut Pro >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Premier big time.

    Maybe it's just me but if I were you I would go with one CRT and 1 LCD. LCDs are not yet up to the level of CRT in my honest opinion. I would do the main editing at the CRT and use the LCD as a secondary.

    If you have the money to blow on a water cooling, why not shoot for liquid nitrogen instead? They rock water cooling.

    One last thing, you might want to get one of those power protector or whatever they were called. During storms they really pay off. I once had this huge storm with lightning and stuff that hit my power pole and it fried my DSL modem. The next day a ton of people told me their monitor(s) got fried during the storm. It's definitly a great investment considering the cost of your computer. Hope that helps :D I'm no expert but I tried my best!
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