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How do i make the window in my browser take up the entire screen real estate? Not by going full screen but stretch? I did this on my old computer but can't figure it out.

Below are examples.

See how its not using the entire screen but just a portion?
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  1. thanks for the pictures. the window is already maximized. you can toggle full screen by pressing the F11 button.
  2. Thanks, i'm not talking about making it full screen with f11. It is the same size even if I press f11. Here's screen shot when I make it full screen.
  3. @Duncical

    It's the website designers to set the size of the website, unfortunately given most users are currently running on 4:3 monitors (1600x1200, 1280x1024 etc) monitors, then most websites are designed to look properly on them, and therefore wasted space on widescreen 16:9 (1366x768, 1920x1080 etc)

    So, long story short, until most users have 16:9 users then the website will cater to the majority of users which is 4:3. I mean, can you imagine having a 4:3 monitor and having to either missing out on the words on either side of the screen, or pull the zoom back, and then having tiny font?..
  4. Thanks, I know there is a way to fix it because I did a few years back and had same resolution monitor. I just can't remember how, I know it was either in firefox or windows CP.
  5. if you have a mouse with a scroll wheel press and hold the Ctrl button on the keyboard and roll the wheel up and down to suit the website you are on.
  6. Right mouse click while on top of the browser and uncheck menu bar!
  7. Thanks for replies. I did'r use any add ons or anything like that. Using a new laptop just trying to figure it out.
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