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So I have ran into a very useful program. Has anyone every used Open Hardware Monitor? I am not talking about HWMonitor, as I tried that and liked it but thought that it was very restrictive in what it could do.

So I went searching and basically found the open source equivalent of HWMonitor also with a lot more settings and choices.

So my question is I am a tinkerer by nature as many here are, and have never dove into the world of open source software. How would I take my first steps to getting at the code of this program and modifying it?

I am not asking as a complete beginner here as I have plenty of experience with Java, C and some other languages to know what I am doing once I get in. I just haven't a clue how to get to the code.

btw I highly recommend open hardware monitor, it is the only program I need to monitor everything inside my computer.
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    Looks like if you register you may be able to get a version of the source that is not read only
  2. So I apologize if I am just missing something. But how or where do I use that command to access the code?
  3. You need to get a svn(subversion) client I'm not sure how you install it for windows. But on linux apt-get install svn or yum install svn

    The read only version of the code might be enough if you just want to play with it for yourself. Otherwise if you want to add code to the repository you will need an account.
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