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I forgot log-in password to my computer windows 7 premium

I forgot the password hint too. what else can I do? can I wipe it clean and start over? how do i do that? its a new laptop so there's nothing on it that has me in fear of the delete button.
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    You forgot a password you use everyday? Right. No one here will or can help you bypass any password for any reason. Ask the person you took it from.
  2. Reminds me of that episode of Hardcore Pawn where the woman didn't know the password and later told the guy that she stole it from a friend and then the woman became Irate when the guy didn't buy the laptop off her. LOL
  3. agree with vrumor - how do you forget the password and the hint doesnt help. Sounds real fishy
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  5. Sorry, Tom's Hardware forum doesn't provide any guide to bypass password protection.

    We cannot verify if you are the legit owner.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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