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Seeking scanner suggestions (laundry list inside)

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June 14, 2004 12:23:55 AM


I'm headed off to college and putting together a collection of my own computer gear. Originally, I considered a multifunction machine, however, soon realized that this is probably not a good choice for use with a laptop computer. My plan is to have wireless printing via a Linksys printserver, and it is my understanding that print servers do not support bidirectionality (a neccesity for multifunction devices). Thus, if I purchase a multifunction device, I will either be unable to use it in wireless Ad-hoc mode, or would only be able to use the print function that way anyway. I thought it would be easier to buy a seperate printer/scanner and just plug in the scanner when I need to make copies etc. for trully wireless printing.

So, I am now in the market for a new scanner. I actually have an older scanner that I use to use with my desktop before I got a multifunction. It was a good deal for $15 from staples, a Memorex something-or-other. It worked pretty well generally, but was not made for WinXP and still had some of the problems you saw installing devices with Win98. So my concern is that, what with my plan to plug and unplug the scanner as usage requires, it wouldn't be the best call.

Summarily, I am now in the market for an independent scanner. Nothing fancy required. I am looking to stay in the price range of $50 or less. Other than that, WinXP full compatibility is a must. Again, what I intend to do is connect and disconnect a lot so I need a machine that doesn't give me guff when installed. I want a machine that will plug in, autoinstall (after I get the software on there initially, of course), and be ready to go without a hassle. USB 2.0 would be nice, but not required. And, of course, as much quality/speed/power as I can get within the specified parameters. Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions offered.

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August 7, 2004 8:26:43 AM


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