WMP .avi file not playing

Ive been watching videos via windows media player that have the .avi extension, but for some reason there is one file in particular that I cannot play. I though it was a codec issue because it says that the issue is codec related, but how can that be if I am able to play other videos that use the same file extension.

I even downloaded a codec for the .avi file extension just incase but the problem is still present.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hi Buddy,

    Does the file play in any other media players? VLC is a good one to use as it plays most file types without the need for codecs and it is free.

    May be a corrupted file?

  2. be careful with codecs that is how virus and malware sneak into your system! I concur with K13RON. Use VLC and never need to worry about codecs again.
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