MSI Afterburner Crossfire fan speed control issues

Hey people, I am having some trouble with MSI Afterburner and its fan speed control function. I have a custom curve setup and I have it where it synchronizes both GPUs in settings and it works great when I first boot and play a game for a while but then when I let it sit and go on the internet for 10 mins or so or put comp to sleep then come back, the custom curve only applies to the main GPU, and nothing that you do in Afterburner will change the second fan speed. I tried restarting the program, putting it on manual control, changing the curve and re applying it, but nothing seems to work on the second GPU fan speed until I reboot the whole computer again.

My specs if needed:
Crossfire XFX HD 6970s
Intel Core i7 3770
ASUS P8Z77-V Mobo
16GB Ripjaws 1600MHz
1100W ABS Majesty PSU
Windows 7 64-bit

P.S. I have already tried disabling that ULPS thing in registries, which did not work.
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  1. In fact now I have also tested using manual from CCC and that also does not do anything to the second card (yes i went to the dropdown and selected the second one)
  2. Have you tried uninstalling Afterburner and the CCC drivers with a fresh install of both?
  3. MouseTrap said:
    Have you tried uninstalling Afterburner and the CCC drivers with a fresh install of both?

    ok, just uninstalled and reinstalled everything, now I have no control whatsoever over the second GPU fan from either AB or CCC even after a reboot.
  4. If I uninstall AB everything works perfectly normal all fan control from CCC, the only problem I have with that is that I find that the default fan speed curve that CCC uses does not keep it cool enough, with both cards at full load the fans only spin at like 39% and temps can hit 90 C
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    Try using Speed fan, see if it helps.
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