which PC3200 can reliably run at CL2?

other than expensive stuff like the Corsair XMS and the OCZ EL, which good quality/reliable PC3200 ram can be run at CAS2?
I understand that some manufacturers tend to be more conservative with their quoted timings/ratings and others list the most aggresive timings so i figured experience from users is the best way to navigate this conundrum.

I would appreciate the advice
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  1. I believe GEIL can do that.
  2. Twinmos
  3. Kingston Hyperion X also.

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  4. I've also gotten Samsung and Crucial to do that...

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  5. I've always had good results with kingmax bga memory at cas 2 (other setting set to Turbo)
  6. Stay away from Kingmax like a bad cold... I have found the quality of their ram is much lower than samsung and crucial...

    To err is human... to really screw things up you need a computer!
  7. yeah kingSTON is the real stuff

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  8. Im running the cheap OCZ basic series PC3200 ram at cl 2.0, though its rated 2.5.
  9. Im running cheap Pc 2100 ram at 169fsb [dont know what that would translate to in ratings] and have it at CAS 2. So far so good, no errors or anything. I do have ram volt at 2.65 though i dont think it would make this big of a difference :)
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