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Weiner originally said this weekend that his account has been hacked (something experts say is possible), but he did not go to the police. His office is now conducting an internal investigation using an outside firm — although Weiner has not specified the name of the company he has retained..

Im still looking for a pair of gloves....
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  1. Hard to tell if his account was hacked or not at this point. If this outside company finds something, he needs to release the results of the investigation to clear his name. If he were smart though, he should have gone to the cops to play it safe, yet because he didn't there is a reasonable amount of suspicion.
  2. I sense he is lying and does not know how to operate a computer...or run a country as a matter of fact.
  3. ^ I believe so. He says his account was hacked, but how did the 'hacker' get the picture in the first place? Photoshop? Nawh, that does not seem like a hacker.
  4. It doesn't seem like the media is going to give up on it so easily, hence he may eventually have to spill his guts. If it turns out he sent the pic, he should start tendering his resignation letter now, as the calls for it from both sides of the aisle will be numerous.
  5. Well, if his supposed group of hacker finders finds their man....
    Just like OJ, he wants to find someone else guilty so bad hes hired his own
    But, dont ask the police, and dont let the FBI anywheres near it
    And its no big deal, since hes only a congressman
    Maybe wikileaks should be totally absolved as well, with this mindset, as well as whoevers hacking Sony

    Or, maybe I can downplay this whole thing as to make it go away
  6. JAYDEEJOHN said:

    And its no big deal, since hes only a Democratic congressman

  7. Yea, its as if he gets a pass because of that
    Like, it can only be expected, and its no big deal, and please, we shouldnt be scum by thinking what he mightve done was scummy.
    Sometimes its hard pointing out some peoples faults, lifestyles and choices, as many are harmful, but all should know who the accuser is, and why once brought out, many a time, if brought out, theyre the ones accused
    Question: Whos known as the great accuser?
  8. Diaboli

    Volutans pro mihi pro ego sum vestri criminator.
  9. Isnt it what they do? Spin?
  10. Go to the police because you were dumb and let somebody know your twitter password? Seriously? Also, there is no way to know it was a picture of his own stuff or somebody elses from what I know... so you dont even need photoshop...
  11. gamer was right...liar,liar, pants on fire!
  12. Just like some defended OJ, so too some defended this guy
    I think its best to invest time and common sense in these scenarios

    PS But in the meanwhile, we can alot of fun heheh
  13. Typical liberal media
    Brian Williams doesnt include Weiners admittance to his stupid folly, because he had more compelling things to report on, such as Palin goofing up Paul Reveres midnite ride

    This is our mainstream media here

    PS Oh, by the way, theyre not biased
  14. I'm not saying this because he is a Democrat. If he were a Republican, I'd say the same thing. Personally, I'm rather irritated by all of these so called "scandals." I could care less what the guy is doing in his personal life. I don't care if he slept with any of those women or not. I don't care that Arnold has a "love child." So long as these public officials are not doing anything illegal or using government resources, they can do whatever they want when it comes to this sort of stuff.

    Now yes, what Edwards did was illegal (allegedly) and it should be public knowledge.

    But when it comes to matters that aren't illegal, I don't want to hear about it. If a politician is sleeping around on his wife, it's between them. If she divorces him, it may be a blurb on the news, but otherwise, who cares. We should hold our elected officials to higher standards, but those standards should only count towards the office/job they hold. Remember, these kind of things happen everyday all across the world- get over it. Joe Blow from down the street may be sleeping around on his wife, yet I don't care, nor does anyone else.

    Remember, JFK slept around on his wife like it was going out of style. The media kept it to themselves because the president's personal life was none of their business. That's the way it should be.

    If the ethics investigation finds that Weiner didn't do anything illegal, he shouldn't have to resign.
  15. ^ who said ANY of our leaders are competent?
  16. I say allow the average American to run this country.

    We're not permitted. At least not anymore.
  17. dogman_1234 said:
    I say allow the average American to run this country.

  18. *
  19. Take a look around local governments at the elected level. Most are just as incompetent as those at the state and federal level. Not sure if you'd want these average Americans running the show.
  20. How about the honest Americans?
  21. I can admit I would NOT be a good president, nor ANY politician.

    Reason, I am NOT well informed about issues...plus, I am stupid.
  22. drapal
  23. ^ What?
  24. noted ... flagged ... we are introducing high French culture into the forums.

    Work with me here doggy ...
  25. oui'!
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