Windows 7 BSOD Nightmare

Hi everyone,

I am an IT professional however cannot figure out this issue on my my machine and its driving me nuts :pt1cable:

I have Win 7 64 Ultimate on RC build 7100 and everything runs fine, however since next week the OS will expire and my machine will reset every 2 hours therefore i upgraded to the official Win 7 64 Ultimate and the bloomin machine gives me a BSOD everytime I try and install something on my secondary drives (d: e: f: )

Thought it was an AVG issues or access privilages since my other drives where formatted on other previous OS`s (c: for windows, d: for games, etc.) However it now even seemd to be doing it if I try and install stuff on C: - now I have a hunch it might be AVG FREE causing the issues, dunno, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. When you installed official W7, did you delete the old RC partitions and recreate them from scratch, had this problem and this sorted out issue.
  2. Yeah, definitely. Trying to "upgrade" the RC with the retail is not good. It CAN be done, but it's not recommended.

    Heck, I never upgrade. I always do a clean install. It's just better that way.
  3. Sorry,

    should had given more detail, had the RC on a OCZ Core SSD 32Gb Drive - did the fresh install on a NEW HDD (Non SSD) and removed the SSD completely. Therefore there could have been no traces of old OS since this is a new HDD completely.......
  4. Sounds more like a driver issue then. More times than not, when a system BSODs a lot, there's usually a driver or device issue going on. Have you downloaded all applicable device drivers straight from the manufacturers of your devices, including the motherboard?

    Some details on your system specifications would help too:
    Motherboard - brand and chipset
    Other devices (sound cards, video cards)
    Amount and type of memory
    Using onboard controllers (IDE, SATA, SCSIS), etc.
    Network card type
  5. Hi thanks again,

    sooo the info is:

    Gigabyte P35 DQ6
    Q6600 Go (Light OC to 3000)
    CM2X1024- 8500 C5D x4 (4gig)
    8800 GT 512MB
    Creative Audigy 4
    1 IDE Drive
    2 SATA Drives
    1 BluRay/HDVD DVD Writer
    Network card on board - however it told me to install an upgrade on the final version of Win7 which I installed, however on the RC Version which Im using now I just checked and it seems I did not install this update (Network - Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) could be this update is causing BSOD ???

    Now except for the Nvidia Driver for GPU, Win7 installed all drivers on both OS installed !!

    Thanks mate
  6. Okay. I went to Gigabytes website and there are definitely chipset drivers and such for Windows 7 64 for this Motherboard. I would really suggest downloading those and installing them and see if that fixes the problem.

    Also, check your BIOS version. They did release a new BIOS back in 2009, but I don't know if it would solve your problems.

    The Windows 7 64-bit drivers are at:

    I would download them all, including the SATA RAID drivers. I don't use RAID on my system at home, but I do know that even under Vista, unless I installed those drivers, my hard drives performed slowly with the default drivers supplied by Vista.
  7. Hi - just did a couple of searches and I think I found the problem I had.

    I would guess that its related to AVG Free and the hidden fiolder it installs with cache files named "$AVG" on my drives - d: e: f: etc.

    Just found a workaround to delete the content of these files and create an empty $AVG on each so that the same issue will not happen again.

    Since I allways use AVG free, and when the virus killers finds a suspicious file apparently it writes data in these hidden folders - when you then change your C: drive like I did and put new OS and hen install AVG free again (probably different version) it then encounters a conflict when writing data to these drives which ends up in a BSOD .......

    At least I hope so !!!!!

    Will update my results, thank for the advise.
  8. Yep solved it was bloody AVG - so if you have Windows 7 x64 and u get BSOD`s use AVAST like I did and the problem was solved !!!!! :bounce:
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    Vella120D said:
    Yep solved it was bloody AVG - so if you have Windows 7 x64 and u get BSOD`s use AVAST like I did and the problem was solved !!!!! :bounce:

    Glad you found the problem. I run Avast Internet Security and it's great. [:isamuelson:2]
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