Wifi usb card conflict with GPU

Hello all,

I hope you can help me with the below issue.

My problem is that from the time I replaced my old graphic card (Sapphire hd
5830gddr5 1gb) with my new one (ASUS 7850) I have a big issue with my internet
connection .
My only way to connect to the internet is with the Belkin Wifi G usb network adapter. I do
not have internet connection in my house so I am connected to the near family house
wireless with this usb adapter. The problem is that when I install the full ASUS graphic
card driver I do not have internet access. After some troubleshooting of my own ( try
with one tp-link usb network adapter/Sysco Linksys network adapter) the problem
I have plugged the main screen (ASUS) in the mini display port and my second screen
(Samsung) in the DVI port.I also sometimes connect my tv (LG 32")in the hdmi port.
After a format, everything working perfect but when the windows start the updating the
problem occurs again. The internet connection is very low and every time I connect the
hdmi cable to my tv the connection lost. I have also try different hdmi cable and the
problem remained. I have tried to connect a router without internet access to my RJ45
port and it seems to working ok. Tried to delete the windows updates but the security
updates could not be deleted. Tried also to do a custom install the graphic card driver
and I found that if I will not install the HD driver the problem may will not occur. If I will
delete the driver then I will not have this problem. I have also replace the router but I
have the same issue.
Bios is updated to the latest version.
Also check it with a PCI-E wifi card and the problem remained.

Any idea will be very helpful.

INTEL I5 3,20
2X4 GB G.SKILL F3-12800CL9D DDR3
BELKIN WIFI G USB Network Adapter
Windows 7 64bit

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  1. Any help/Idea for the above issue ?
    The problem remains and the PC is used only for games and nothing more because of this issue...

    Please help!
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