Granite Bay: Difference between 333 and 266 RAM?

Although I'm aware of the fact that questions like this one have been posted multiple times in this forum and I also read the Granite Bay article on Toms Hardware Guide I'm still not sure about what RAM to choose for this chipset.

I know that 266Mhz, 333Mhz and also 400Mhz work with Granite Bay mobos but I'm not sure whether all options make really sense. In some posts I could read that 400Mhz would only be a future option to be able to switch to a 200Mhz FSB processor later. Because I don't plan to do that I just need to know if 333Mhz RAM is any faster compared to 266Mhz on a Granite Bay mobo. It would also be interesting to know if Corsair RAM makes any difference in terms of performance even if I don't plan to overclock my system.

Thanks in advance for your help and your patience! :)
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  1. don't pay extra for corsair unless you need super fast timings. and the ddr266 will be just fine because it gives 2.1gb/s bandwidth in single channel, and 4.27gb/s in dual channel. 4.27gb/s is the bandwidth of an intel 533mhz FSB processor. that matches quite nicely =)
    for the ram, go with a name like samsung, crucial, kingston...

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  2. Thank you very much for your help! The only thing I still don't get is why they use DDR 333 for the benchmarks in most of the reviews (even on that one of Toms Hardware Guide) although they say the same like you: 266Mhz matches the FSB quite nicely...
  3. Well if you use 333 ram and downclock it to 266 you are guaranteed to squeese out every last drop of bandwidth where are a 266 stick is cutting it close.. In general there is no difference so don't worry about it. I would recomment getting 333 in the event you want to overclock. I know nw you say you don't but after a while you will want to squeese every drip out of your comp it will come in handy. But otherwise 266 should be fine. Crucial is stable at a reasonable price... I would recommend it...

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