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Hi, i have a problem (well not tried yet) connecting 2 5GHz Wifi antennas, take a look:

antennas: 2x Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5

can this be done? thanks ;)
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  1. Might need a "bank shot" off the second highest peak and back into the valley. Maybe using something passive, like an old satellite dish. :)
  2. thanks for the reply. So you think that if i place an old satellite antenna in the top of the second hill it will reflect the signal?
    How can i do this?
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    I doubt you will be able to just bounce the signal off hill. Best would be to place a active repeater there but then you have the issue of needing power.

    First thing to try is to get on top of the hill you want to bounce the signal off and see if you can even get a signal. You will likely have to use large directional antenna. If you cannot get a usable signal then it does little good to try to extend it from there. I would not even try it unless the signal was strong.

    What you can do is use 2 direction antenna hooked back to back with a very short piece of microwave rated coax cable. You would point one antenna at the far location and the second at your final location. You would likely need direction antenna pointed at your pair of antenna at the final location.

    You want to use the large grid antenna that are about 2ftx3ft since you are outside. No way to predict if it will work until you try it. Most likely it will cost less than $200 for the antennas total. You of course need some kind of pole to mount them to on the hill.
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