Win 7 and adding a user: Can I limit hardware, software access etc

I have a laptop loaded with Win 7 64 home premium out for delivery.

I want 2 log ins. One with the regular BS for browsing, webcam, office, antivirus, movies, internal sound card etc etc (probably the preloaded bumf). And I want an alt login stripped down for a home recording studio.

I want the recording login to basically have no programs bar the recording software. So that means the internet is disabled, no browsers, external USB audio/recording device instead of the internal card, no antivirus etc etc so there is no bloat of system performance loss. (having antivurus while recording can cause audio issues if you are recording at 24 bit etc)

Is that too much for adding a user, or do I have to do a dual boot or something?

I'm not clued up on dual boots, so if that is the case what would you guys do? (apart from a dedicated laptop)
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    Disabling access to hardware is not possible per account. However, you can set up parental control and with the recording account, you can restrict it's access to various programs, access to the internet, set up time limits, etc.

    To enable parental controls, you need to do the following:

    Click Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and Family Safety->Parental Controls
    On the "Choose a user and set up Parental Controls" page, you'll see a list of all users on the computer.
    Click the account you want to turn on parental controls.
    On the "Setup how...will use the computer" page, click "On, enforce current settings" under Parental Controls which turns on the parental controls.
    Click OK to apply these settings.

    After that, when you go to Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and Family Safety->Parental Controls, look in the left panel of the main Parental Controls page. From this area you can set the following:

    Game - control what game ratings this account can play.
    Time Limits - set the amount of time (or what times during the day) you will allow this account to log in
    Allow and Block specific programs - select which programs the user has access to or is blocked from using.
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