How to make files on a computer accessible to an ipad wirelessly?

I want to be able to access all the documents on my computer via my ipad, I would like to be able to do this without an Internet connection, so maybe by an ad hoc connection? Basically I have a 100gb of files on my computer that I want to have access to on my ipad, but I won't be accessing them all at the same time, so I want a way that I can choose which of those files to save onto my ipad at any one time.

I will always have my computer within 5 feet of my ipad. Also I would always have the computer turned on but I would like to not have to do anything on the computer when I want to save another of those files into my ipad. I have tried mapping a network drive to my ipad and using an app called documents to retrieve those files but that way any files in my network drive have to be on my ipad, so whenever I want to put a new file on my ipad I have to drop into the network drive.

I hope this makes sense :)

Thanks in advance.
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