Can I delete downloads files

would it be safe to delete every file in my downloads folder because isnt the information still in my x86. when something has a setup and you click next next next install isnt it then in your x86? but for other files like music that are downloaded and then just played, are they ever stored anywhere else? if you can think off other files that never get stored anywhere else please say so
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  1. yes it is safe to delete anything in your downloads folder.
  2. The files you install from are not stored somewhere else, they are just installed from the downloads folder and the setup program places the program files into the right place. Nothing in there gets stored in other places unless you copy or move it. If you delete the downloaded setup program that you installed and want to re-install them, you need to download them again. If you delete music or anything else from the downloads folder, it will be gone unless you copy/move it to another folder.
  3. Sorry, not every file you download is stored in downloads folder.
    Malicious files are hard to find
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