Looking for good data recovery software?

I came back from a holiday after three weeks only to find that my entire office is flooded due to a pipeline burst. All my computer hard disks are now damaged and I have lost a lot of precious business data and contact information. Can anyone suggest a good data recovery tool for Windows 2007?
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  1. I recommend TestDisk and PhotoRec

    all of these tools can help you recover data from hard disks that have data problems however from your description your hard disks have water and electrical damage, you will most likely need to take your hard disks to a professional to extract the data if the circuit board needs to be replaced or the platters moved to a working drive.
  2. haha bear in mind I'm the only one that provided free tools for data recovery. the other links are all for commercial products.
  3. Windows 2007 < Do you mean Windows 7?
  4. You read this blog . I thing solve you all problem related to damage & corrupted data.
  5. Try AthTek Data Recovery...
  6. Quote:
    Can anyone suggest a good data recovery tool for Windows 2007?

    I have the same puzzling, man. If you want to find data recovery software, you can search it from directly. How do you define the good data recovery software?

    Generally speaking, the best data recovery software for Windows is doing excellent in almost all points, such as the successfully recovery rate, the quality of photos recovered, the recovery time it costs, the speed it runs, the depth recovery it goes.

    I suggest you try Yesterdata data recovery. I have been using it and it always done the job.
  7. I haven't really used them much but I hear recuva is decent. Used it once or twice when I deleted something I didn't mean to, never used it for full hdd recovery though. Sorry :/
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