Lag Spikes on the game I play (League of Legends)

Hello all,

For a while now I have been experiencing ping spikes whenever I play League of Legends. I have done pingtests recently and it shows that I have a pretty good ping and I have minimal packet loss. The server is in California so I'm accepting to have around 90 ping when playing but a lot of the time my ping spikes to around 200 for a few seconds.

Closing my background programs make them less frequent but they still happen often enough to cause concern for me. I do have a wireless connection too but I never had problems similar to this before. I also tried rebooting my router which didn't do anything.

Edit: I pinged to 4 packets sent, none recieved. Pinged to 4 packets sent, 4 recieved.

Does anyone have any idea how to prevent this from happening?
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