Can i route interent from my usb stick

i have a telstra 4g wireless broadband stick. I was wondering ifi bought a TP-Link TL-WR841ND 300M Wireless N Router 2 Detachable Antennas would i be able to plug the stick into my computer and plug my computer into the router and make the router emit the broadband usb sticks interet?
thank you to everyone who resonds
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    You can’t turn the router into a 4G hotspot as described. You can only turn your desktop into a 4G hotspot since only it has both the connection to the rest of the network AND hosts the 4G connection, and therefore can bridge those two connections.

    The other option is to buy a router that supports your 4G USB dongle, which would mean it would have a USB port and the necessary drivers. Some routers even support cellular natively, without the need for a dongle.
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