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I'm working on my Mom's laptop with 2ghz and 2gb of memory and over 50% free HD space on Window 7. The laptop runs really slow. I've ran spybot and adaware to get rid of the spyware and defragmented the computer. The CPU Usage is usually 70%+ (sometimes 90-100%) and the PF Usage is 1.2GB (eventually goes to 1.7-1.8gb) I was wondering if anyone knew what could be causing this to use up so much memory. I checked the processes and nothing is being used at the time that could be draining all this memory.
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  1. Is it just slow to boot and start applications, or is it also slow once the applications are up and running?

    Laptops usually have relatively slow hard drives to save battery power - that will make things slow to start, but once they're loaded into memory they should run fine.

    If programs still run slowly after loading, there's a chance that you don't have enough memory for the programs and documents you're using.
  2. Windows will start fine but opening and running applications are very slow with high CPU and PF Usage. I also noticed it is running Windows 7 64 Bit. Is 2gb sufficient enough?
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    Whether or not 2GB is sufficient depends entirely on what you're running. 2GB with 64-bit Win 7 may be fine for one person and utterly inadequate for someone else.

    To get an idea, start Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) and select the "Performance" tab. Look at the left part of the "Memory" graph - if it's consistently showing 2GB or more then you probably need more memory.
  4. look and see if Norton is running in the background, what other programs are installed on the laptop, also Win7 will use most of the available memory to load what it thinks you might use for quicker access to data, it has a convoluted memory manager, but it dumps all the stuff when you ask for a app
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