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I have been having troubles with my USB wireless adapter and have wanted to upgrade to a wireless card. I don't know much about wireless cards though and was wondering what a good one would be for my computer. I know it requires a Low Profile Bracket and so I don't know where to look for a good card that has one. Any help would be truly appreciated
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  1. You should start off by checking out your router. What type of router is it and what kind of wireless adapter is compatible. If the router is a Wireless G class router (54Mbps) it would be best to buy a G class adapter.
    If it is Wireless N class (150 - 300Mbps) you should look into an N class adapter to utilize it's full potential (range and speed).
    Not to say that an N class adapter will not work with a G class router but you will probably end up paying twice the cost and never enjoy the full specs it is offering.

    As for the USB/PCI option, I personally prefer an adapter that can be placed up on my desk and not behind my PC case under my desk. Either USB or PCI it doesn't really make a difference but it is best to have the option to position the adapter for the best signal reception possible.
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