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I inherited an Access database that was created in an earlier version of Access. A Form View had been created to assist users in viewing details of the database. I used it on Windows XP using Office 2003. After my upgrade to Office 2010 (still using XP) I had no problems. However, once I got a new laptop with Windows 7 (still using Office 2010) I could no longer view the database in Form View - and worse - all the details I had added to the database since inheriting it have disappeared. The database is on a network. If I use my OLD laptop (XP with Office 2010) I can still see all the details I added, but if I use my NEW laptop (Windows 7 with Office 2010) the database looks like it was the day I inherited it with none of my details. Everything was being saved in one folder, so it is not a matter of my details having been saved elsewhere.

I tried copying the database into another folder on the network and giving it a different name. On my old laptop (Windows XP with Office 2010) it opens fine and all my details are there. If I open up that same database using my new laptop (Windows 7 with Office 2010) only the old details show up although I now can see it in Form View. I asked a co-worker to open it up on her systems (also Windows 7 with Office 2010) she sees NO details, just a blank database.

Any ideas??? Thank you!
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  1. Hi

    I have no detailed knowledge of Access but we use a Database created long ago in Access 95
    We had to have a consultant convert it to 2002.

    Depending on how complex your Access database is going from 2002 or 2003 to 2007 or 2010 can break things.

    Even the difference between Access 2003 and Access 2003 with all service packs can cause problems
    (in our case we needed most of the service packs for our Access 2002/3 database to work, but 2007 broke things so we went back to 2003 for Access only)

    What version of Office 2010 was used to upgrade the 2003 version of Office

    If the Office 2010 upgrade did not include Access (eg Home & Student) you may have been left with Access 2003
    Though you should have been aware of the difference.


    Mike Barnes
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