Windows 7 installation wont recognize HDD when installing Intel Rapid Storage Te

We'll I've found others with similar issues, but none exactly like this. Have the HDD and SDD setup on RAID0 due to using IRST. 64Gb of the SDD is allocated as RAID0. When W7 prompts me to select the drive for W7 installation the only disk that appears is the 64Gb unallocated SDD sector.

I've loaded the IRST 64bit drivers from the ASUS Mobo disk too. It recognizes the file I direct it to, but once loaded it still only recognizes the 64Gb unallocated SDD.

I have absolutely NO idea how to proceed and am completely out of answers. ANY help is appreciated.
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  1. You have it setup wrong. Whats going on is you are setting up the RAID0 pre Windows install so its making a 64GB RAID0. In order to use part of the SSD for SSD Caching, you need to install Windows on the SSD then install IRST and setup the SSD caching there, not before Windows is installed.

    I at least assume thats what you are attempting to do.

    I have Windows on a 80GB Intel X25-M and my games and data are on 2 500GB in a RAID0 and have no issues like you are having.
  2. Ahhh.. Got it. The stupid Asus manual ASSUMED installer are running multiple similar HDD's, which I'm not. I was setting up RAID0 on HDD and SDD which was causing the problem. One thing though, according to my manual and the directions yo gave, W7 should be on the HDD and not on the SDD. This is where the caching comes caches the disk since its not physically stored there.

    At any feels good to know the manual was screwed up and not me. Wonder if anyone as these manufacturers read and follow the directions they give in manuals to see it they are giving proper direction. I guess Asus doesn't. Haaaa.

    SOLVED and OWNED!!! Thanks because this has been bugging me to death!
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