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I need to remove the panel on my case which has the holes for the printer, mouse, kybd, etc...I think it is about 2" by 5" (it's not in front of me) is this normally done?

I don't want to pry anything I should pry, or use excessive force...unless needed. Should it come off with pliers?

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  1. If you mean the dress panel for the connectors on the back, these are usually just clipped in. With the motherboard out of the case, press in from the back and it should just pop off.

    But, beware these things are thin and easily damaged. It may not be reusable.

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  2. Thanks Teg, I'll press a little more firmly from the really doesn't matter to me if I ruin it, I'll be replacing it with the one that came with my MB. I just don't want to force anything I'm not supposed to. Thanks again
  3. Get a flathead screwdriver to gently bend the edges in a little bit and give ya a start on it, if you want to hang on to it. If not, don't sweat it. The wall of your case should be heftier than that little thing.

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  4. You need to press from the <i>outside</i> with the motherboard out of the case.

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  5. oh yea...I gotcha

    thanks again :)
  6. HA! Didn't notice the word "inside" in previous post. Back to remedial reading classes for me....?

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