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Hey guys,

I just installed a new mobo with my windows 7, and the sound mic volume is so low. with everything turned up i need to scream to even kind of hear myself on playback. I read this was an issue with windows 7 so what is the fix?

Mobo is ASrock 970 Extreme 3 and Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.

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  1. Control panel > sound > recording > mic > levels > turn up boost + mic level
  2. That has already been tried, I have been messing with all the settings in control panel and my Realtek Audio Manager
  3. What headset/mic are you using? if its a cheap one thats kind of expected, they aren't well made.
  4. Im using a $300 bose QC 15, its not the headset, its a problem with Windows 7. I have looked online and there were thousands complaining about this, I just cant find a working solution.
  5. Hmmm, are you connecting through the front panel or back onto the mobo? Do you have any other mics to test if the sound levels are bad on that one also?
  6. Yes, I have been trying two different microphones, and ive tried through the front and back
  7. Hmmm, you could try hooking up the front panel via the AC97 connector instead of the HD Audio (or vice versa) then plug in the mic to the front panel connector. (I think you might need to get AC'97 drivers before it will detect the mic though :/)
  8. That did not work sadly :( what else could I do? I in fact have a copy of Windows Professional coming to the house soon I don't know if that could do anything? Please help!
  9. Click on the Microsoft "start" icon in the bottom left tray.
    Type in "microphone" in the search box.
    Click "Manage Audio Devices.

    in the "Sounds" Pop up Window:

    1. Playback
    2. Recording
    3. Sound
    4. Communications

    Select "Recording"
    Then, Highlight, and double click the name of the microphone.
    The Transmit Properties box will pop up.

    in the "Transmit Properties" Pop up Window:

    1. general
    2 listen
    3. Levels
    4. Advanced

    select "Levels"

    then click the "unmute microphone icon."
    You will immediately hear your voice on your microphone.
    And now you can adjust the volume.
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