Windows changing color scheme while gaming?

Hey forums, I need some help.
When im playing any intensive game like Bf3 or Arma 2 windows changes my color scheme to windows basic because "Performance is too low". My computer is really good and the games aren't lagging at all. Can i please get some advice on fixing this? It's really starting to get annoying.
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  1. its mostly caused by the gpu card / driver, cause the windows thinks that theres not enough memory for the application so it changes the Aero them to basic to save up some Vram, update your drivers, and if that did not work you can try these solutions:

    1- go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools , open the "Adjust visual effects" and choose "Adjust for best appearance" apply and quit.

    2-if that did not work, right click on the game's exe and properties then compatibility tab and unchk the box that says "Disable desktop composition", and chk on "run As an Administrator"

    feedback with results :)
  2. It will be a while till i get results. It only happens after a few hours of playing. And im out for tonight. I'll try tomorrow. Thanks for the tips.
  3. Thank you RyQril. This was frustrating me to no end. Couldn't find anything on the Wow forums or really anywhere else but this worked for me. Great response, goes to show I should have come here first.
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