How come my internet keeps on freezing, firefox will not

hi. I have comcast internet.usually this problem occurs when im on youtube. i use google chrome. whenever I browse youtube, in like twenty five minute of video watching my computer starts to freeze. There is a cicle spinning and screen becomes blurry. i cant do alt control delete to end task it, because nothin pops up when i click it. i cant use firefox because when i click on the firefox icon from the bottom of my computer or thru start i see a circle spinning for three seconds and it wont turn on, now when i use other sites like facebook, twitter, the internet starts to freeze like before, before it was only youtube, now its a lot of sites and i have to manually hot the power button and relogon. is it a good sign that my power button on monitor doesnt turn blue when i turn it on, it used to , but now it dont.

i use superantispyware,malwairebytes pro, avast free as a virus protection. please, this is pissing me off.
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  1. try running memtest from a boot cd to see if you have a ram issue. i know on my new build nvidia video cards and flash are having issues with pc with 8g or more of ram and there 32 bit browsers. i have newest firefox and it hangs on my system too. i think there a memory leak with the browsers. i switched over to 64 bit nightly of firefox it been running fine with me. if you do have a nvidia card go into flash and turn off hardware acceleration and see if that helps. also check that flash is up to date.
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