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I’m trying to set up a bridge with 2 WHR-HP-G54 unites, I have the router set to auto with the repeater set to BRI, I set them back to factory default, I got the mac numbers from each unit from there system wireless info and went down the lis of directions to set them up. I changed the channel from auto to channel 11, I changed framebursting from 125 hight to framebursting, the WDS is set to enable I registered the WDS on both unites. Everything looks good but the bridge won’t work, when I undo the hard wire from the router I can’t acress the repeater from my computer. Any help would be greatly apreacheated for I know not what I’m doing. Thankyou
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  1. While doing the initial configuration of WDS, do NOT enable wireless security. Many WDS implementations have serious limitations in this regard (e.g, only work w/ WEP, or only WPA). So keep it disabled until it works.
  2. Thank you, I have not set up security yet.
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