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Hello Friends,

I'm having some trouble (it started about 3 days ago, playing Diablo III) with FPS drops on games...

I was playing D3, alt-tabing be cause of a skype chat (adding and removing ppl) and after lot of alt-tabing the FPS dropped to 10. I restarted the client, still FPS 10. Restarted the PC, it works fine.

I thought it might have been a bug on the alt-tabing thing, until the next day where I had this same problem with Skyrim two times, once after playing for about 2 hours and another after playing for about 1 hours, then exiting the game and reloading because of a internal Skyrim bug.

There seem to be no temperature problems on my CPU or GPU, I'm monitoring and unfortunantly I cant emulate the problem for now...

But I wonder, is there any known issues similar to these?
(My friend told me it probably is the Windows installation, since there are no Temperature problems...)
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  1. Anything connected to internet permanently will drain your connection speed while online and falsely report lower fps instead of latency. Switching apps. may not properly reassign priority to the one you want. I use AMD 12.3 drivers from Unifil, tried just the 12.4 driver and fps dropped to about 1/2, had to roll back. In order to troubleshoot this, run just the games, no other resource leeches running in the tray. See if the games themselves have late patches that address those problems.
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